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Lena Müller

Stipendiatin 2014

Lena Müller, born 1982 in Berlin, worked after finishing school as a baker in a cooperative on the Plateau Picard in France and studied afterwards science of literature and culture in Paris and Hildesheim. She is a co-publisher of the magazin Timult-Récits, analyses et critiques. 2011 she founded together with Inga Frohn the network for translation and text in french and german She is currently living in Hannover and works as a freelanced translator and author for radio plays and features, like Nichts von mir soll drinnen bleiben (SWR, 2012) and Zwischen hier und jetzt (SWR, 2013). 2013 she got an award by the Arthur-Goldschmidt-residency for young translators in literature and the working-grant by the region Niedersachsen. As that she has been a guest in our studio 2 in october and will come back in february 2014.

two links for audioplays by Lena in german:

Zwischen hier und jetzt - Asylgespräche



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